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RDO Medical continues to make natural sexual health products and non-hormonal birth control more accessible to couples around the world.

Our exciting range of products is available at wholesale pricing to pharmacies, clinics, and select retailers.

Our dedicated team prides itself in exemplary customer service, ensuring that distributors and end-customers are fully satisfied with every purchase.

Vegan and Organic

YES Lubricants

YES Organic and Vegan Lubricants YES

YES intimate lubricants are synonymous with pure, natural, and highly effective products. Used both for pleasure and vaginal health, YES has a product to fit every need.

YES lubricants are certified organic, and made with exclusive quality vegan ingredients. Of course, they are always free from parabens or glycerine.

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Classic Barrier Contraception

Milex Diaphragms

Buy Caya Diaphragms Online

Diaphragms are gaining new popularity as women are searching for a birth control solution that is more natural and in line with their bodies.

We have stock of the hard to find Milex diaphragms, who's sizing is compatible with the discontinued Ortho All-Flex Brand.

Diaphragm fitting kits are also available.

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Safe Spermicide Alternative


Medintim Sexual Health Products

We are proud distributors of the Medintim range of innovative sexual health products, including the popular spermicide alternative ContraGel.

We sell both ContraGel and Caya Gel for use with barrier contraceptives, particularly diaphragms and cervical caps which require an anti-sperm gel to work effectively in preventing pregnancy.

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Be Sure!

Cyclotest Ovulation Monitors

Cyclotest for NFP

Cyclotest monitors track Basal Body Temperature (plus additional fertility indicators) to notify a woman of her unique 'fertility window' during which she can conceive.

Cyclotest can be used to assist the journey to pregnancy, or as a contraceptive aid to indicate when barrier contraceptives or abstinence is essential to prevent pregnancy.

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Beautifully Vegan

Glyde Vegan Condoms

Glyde Vegan Condoms

These sublime condoms are 100% vegan (many commercial condoms contain Casein, a milk derivative) and combine superior quality with value for money.

Glyde flavored condoms use only food grade organic extracts. These condoms are sold in packs of 10 in a range of tailored sizes.

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New Diaphragm Technology

Caya Diaphragms

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The innovative design of Caya has created a new level of reliability and comfort for barrier contraceptive users.

Caya is EU / CE 0470 certified and FDA approved for use as non-hormonal, instantly reversible contraception.

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Hormone Free Contraception

FemCap Cervical Cap

FemCap Cervical Cap

FemCap is a non hormonal, instantly reversible barrier contraceptive. FemCap is approved by the FDA and CE certified as well as prescribed by the NHS in the UK.

FemCap cervical cap blocks sperm from entering the uterus, reducing the risk of pregnancy in women during their monthly 'fertility window'.

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Natural Intimacy

Intimate Sponges

natural intimacy sponges

Natural Intimacy sponges provide an array of uses both internally and externally, from cleansing sensitive areas, to replacing synthetic tampons during menstruation.

These silky soft absorbent sponges are ethically harvested from the ocean floor and can be reused up to 6 months. They are exquisitely packaged in a beautiful hemp drawstring bag, making this a truly exceptional product.

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Reusable Alternatives

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

femmycycle menstrual cup

FemmyCycle is the most unique reusable menstrual cup on the market. It features an innovative no-spill design that prevents leaks and the large capacity is perfect for overnight use.

FemmyCycle is available in 3 sizes, including a special low-cervix version for women who may otherwise not be able to wear menstrual cups. A ground breaking menstrual cup.

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Intimate Hygiene

Pjur Med Intimate Hygiene


Pjur Med wipes and sprays offer the highest quality in intimate hygiene.

Soft Pjur Med disposable clean fleece wipes can be used for quick cleansing of intimate areas, sex toys, menstrual cups or cervical caps.

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Reverse Vaginal Dryness


lubricant for during menopause

The perfect solution for long-term dryness caused by menopause, breastfeeding, cancer treatments, or other conditions.

Just one suppository provides up to three days of relief.

The nourishing ingredients also help ward off yeast and other infections.

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