FemCap Cervical Cap

RDO Medical is proud to be the official distributor of the FemCap range of products in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Slovenia.



FemCap Inc. is a US company based in California which has been at the forefront of gynecological studies regarding barrier contraception and as a result is perfectly placed to apply that knowledge to design and manufacture a new industry changing cervical cap and the most innovative menstrual cup available.



The FemCap Cervical Cap

The FemCap is non-hormonal, latex-free contraceptive device made of medical grade silicone rubber, FDA and CE Approved Cervical Cap as Supplied to the NHS. The FemCap is designed for women of childbearing age who wish to prevent or postpone pregnancy by preventing sperm from entering the cervix and the uterus.



FemCap Cervical Cap

As a cervical cap FemCap must be used in conjuntion with spermicide or contraceptive gel as a barrier contraceptive. Barrier contraception methods have enjoyed increased popularity due to the increase in women looking for hormone free, reversible contraception.



FemCap is stocked by many pharmacies who enjoy the benefits of repeat month on month purchases of spermicide and contraceptive gel by their customers.



The FemCap comes in three sizes and requires no fitting by a doctor, putting it in reach of many women who are not within easy reach of a gynaecological specialist..



  • The smallest rim diameter (22mm) is intended for women who have never been pregnant.  
  • The medium (26mm) cap is intended for women who have been pregnant but have not had a vaginal delivery.  
  • The largest (30mm) is intended for women who have had a vaginal delivery of a full-term baby.  


The only exception to these sizing criteria is if a woman had a spontaneous miscarriage and/or she was not aware of it.  In that case, she would need the 26mm FemCap. If the woman and her doctor are unsure, they should use the 26mm FemCap to be safe. If you have any doubts check out our FAQ's page on sizing or just contact us and our specialists can advise you of the correct sizing for your condition.



The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

Buy the Femmy Cycle Menstrual Cup from RDO MedicalFollowing on from the success of the FemCap cervical cap which rewrote the book on barrier contraception for the 21st century, FemCap Inc have designed and just launched the FemmyCycle which this time rewrites the book on menstrual cups. 



Where as the majority of menstrual cups were designed as nice thoughts by good-willed people who want to save the environment by reducing consumption of disposible, single use sanitary products, the FemmyCycle has been designed from a medical perspetive as a medical device. All of the grooves and angles on 'traditional' menstrual cups just serve to harbour bacteria or at the very least complicate efficient cleaning. The FemmyCycle meanwhile has been designed from durable medical grade silicone (similar to that of the FemCap) which won't scratch or rupture through regular use, is a smooth design to allow easier cleaning and can even be autoclaved.



Other major design points include a loop for very easy removal and a no-spill design. Users of 'traditional' menstrual cups have provided consistent feedback regarding their own personal experiences regarding spillage of menstrual fluids when removing a used menstrual cup. The FemmyCycle has been designed in an innovative way to avoid fluid spillage. 



Both ingenious devices have been developed by FemCap Inc in Calafornia, USA who rely on RDO Medical for their marketing and distribution in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Slovenia.


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  1. Buy The FemCap Cervical Cap

    FemCap Cervical Cap for Hormone Free Barrier Contraception

    A latex free, cervical cap for hormone free contraception. The simple system of having only 3 sizes available means that you can decide the correct size yourself without having a fitting from your Doctor or Gynecologist.


    • 100% Natural Instantly Reversible Contraception. 
    • Totally Hormone Free. 
    • Latex Free. 
    • Vegan - Contains No Animal By-Products.
    • Over 10 Years Production History. 
    • American Manufactured. 
    • FDA Approved. 
    • Health Canada Approved.
    • EU / CE 0470 Certified.


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  2. Buy The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

    Femmy Cycle Single Size Menstrual Cup With A Non-Spill Design

    The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup is a single size, cost effective, environmentally friendly solution to feminine sanitary needs. A unique non-spill design allows for the quick and easy insertion and removal, and a clean, fresh feeling all day long..


    • Menstrual Cup Use Is Cleaner And More Hygienic Than Tampons and Sanitary Towels
    • Unique Non-Spill Design Simplifies Use
    • One Size Fits All
    • Smooth Design Make Cleaning Easier And More Efficient
    • Made From Medical Grade Silicone
    • Vegan - Contains No Animal By-Products.
    • Designed By Top Gynecologists


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